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The leading embedded systems and Robotics design and Innovations Centre in Uganda .Since her inception, glo-Electronics and Robotics has successfully gained recognition for her innovative Electronics and Robotics designs, Technology Education and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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We pride ourselves with our major Electronics products. Take a look!!

The "e-Nurse

The “e-nurse” takes care of your patient while in the hospital and does continuous monitoring of your patient The e-nurse will alert whoever is responsible whenever certain parameters are are outside the preferred ranges.

Track IT

Track IT helps your Track, monitor and control your Auto systems remotely, No matter where you are around the Globe. You want to switch off and lock or capture location of your Auto any time. then Contact us Today for Track IT.

Home S-Tech

Your Home Devices at Your palm and control by your finger Tip is the comfort ability that Home S-Tech provides. Worry not about power bills due to your electronics you forgot to switch off at Home while already at work.


Are you stuck with any kind of electronics, Robotics, Embedded systems circuits and programming? Please check out the Glo-Step by Step Do –your self-Procedure to build and complete your first Robot and electronics projects.

Our activities

We do not just make products. We also have daily running activities

Tech Innovations Hub

The G-TIH is a program where passionate African youth can learn, grow and experiment with machines, gadgets and technology and innovate with no obligations. A program where curiosity is fostered and nourished, where failure is embraced as part of a learning process, where learning is purely through the science of experimentation and finally, where ideas, however crazy, are listened to and explored without bias or prejudice.

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GSTEM is designed for Primary, pre-University and University Students who want to take on courses in Engineering, Science, Technology and Innovations. The program is meant to create a generation of young people who are passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious to use technology to derive solutions that address the local and global challenges facing humanity like climate change, pollution, health, natural calamities, and access to social services.

Student`s “Technology Innovations” Competitions [G-STIC]

Gas-Electronics and Robotics always make sure –They Evaluate the students from the collaborating schools that Graduate from the G-STEM program through Regional schools Robotics-Competitions and thereafter National Robotics Competitions. All the Teams from different schools have an opportunity to incubate their projects at Global Auto Systems to transform their ideas to viable products.

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Students’ Projects Prep Course[G-sppc]

The G-sppc program is designed for both undergraduate and graduate students who would like to undertake a Research project in Electronics, Embedded systems and Robotics but have limited and no knowledge in electronics or even have no access to Prototyping labs, material and equipment. It’s a short course that is designed to prepare a student with the skills oriented towards his or her Research concept in short period.

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